Delivery Information

We ship fast, we ship cheap! We take between 2-7 days to ship an order, and then the delivery gnomes work their magic and get it to your door.

Delivery Time

We try to get your shirt out to you as quickly as possible. Most of our t-shirts ship within three days of the order being placed but sometimes it can take up to five days. In about 2% of cases it takes 6-7 days.  Once an order has shipped it is in the safe hands of the good people at the US Postal Service. The following table shows the usual times taken for a package to arrive after we ship it.

TO Delivery Time
USA 3-5 business days via USPS
Canada 5-10 business days, no tracking
Worldwide 10-20 business days, no tracking

Delivery Cost

At this time we only offer regular USPS services but we will be looking into expedited services in the future. The good news is that shipping fees are LOOOOW! They are especially low for worldwide deliveries. We also make sure that shipping is affordable when ordering multiple shirts. The following table shows just how sensible our shipping costs are.

USA $5.50 $1.00
Canada $8.00 $1.00
Worldwide $10.00 $1.00

Customs Fees

Some countries charge customs fees for packages entering their borders. If your country is one of them, YOU are responsible for making that payment. But if you're shopping about online then you'll probably know all about that stuff anyway. We will declare the order value on the package. Please don't ask us to be criminals and declare a false value ... we love freedom and one day hope to visit your country without fear of arrest!