About Us

At Shirt Happened, our motto is “Brilliant t-shirts … for you!”

We are passionate about designing brilliant, unique, head-exploding shirts. Sometimes we fail, but most of the time we hit it out of the park. These aren’t just idle boasts (they certainly are that!) but it is something we believe. So much so that we even wear our own products. And we don’t do this out of some sense of corporate pride, it’s because we genuinely love the designs.

Shirt Happened started with a few boring philosophy shirts. They didn’t sell too well and the reasons may be obvious when you look at our very first design (right). As it turns out, the only people who got these shirts were philosophy majors … and their career choices never led to any level of disposable income. We still have a philosophy department at Shirt Happened but we’ve also expanded our range to be more inclusive of the discerning t-shirt connoisseur.

We have a lot of fun designing these garments and we hope that you enjoy them too.